Huaian Yuanrui Webbing will exhibit at CIOSH Thailand, Showcasing Latest Safety Harness Products

Huaian Yuanrui Webbing Industrial Co., Ltd.will participate in the CIOSH Thailand exhibition, held from 5 June to 7 June at BITEC. This exhibition is a significant event in the global construction equipment industry, attracting numerous leading companies and professional attendees.

Exhibition Preview

1.Exhibition Information
- Exhibition Name: CIOSH Thailand
- Exhibition Dates: 5 June-7 June
- Exhibition Location: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre

2. Exhibition Highlights
- New Product Launch: Huaian Yuanrui Webbing Industrial Co., Ltd. will launch its latest safety harness products at the exhibition. These products feature the latest materials and innovative designs, enhancing safety and comfort. Our technical team has developed various harnesses suited for different high-altitude work environments, aiming to provide comprehensive safety protection.


- Technology Innovation Display: The company will showcase its latest technological innovations, including intelligent monitoring systems and automatic emergency stop devices. These technologies not only monitor the safety status of workers in real-time but also automatically activate protective measures in emergencies, significantly improving the safety of high-altitude operations.

Market Background

In recent years, with the development of the global construction and industrial sectors, the safety of high-altitude operations has received increasing attention. Huaian Yuanrui Webbing Industrial Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality safety equipment to meet the market's demand for safety in high-altitude work. This exhibition not only serves as a platform for the company to showcase its latest products and technologies but also provides a valuable opportunity for industry exchange and collaboration.

Company Outlook

The general manager of Huaian Yuanrui Webbing stated, “We are very excited to meet our peers and customers at this exhibition and showcase our latest achievements. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and strict quality control, our safety harnesses will provide safer and more reliable protection for users worldwide.”

Company Overview

Huaian Yuanrui Webbing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production, and sales of high-altitude safety equipment. Our products are widely used in construction, industrial, and energy sectors, and have earned the trust and praise of customers domestically and internationally with their excellent quality and professional service. Over the years, the company has continuously innovated, launching numerous market-recognized safety devices, and is committed to providing users with the highest quality safety solutions.



Huaian Yuanrui Webbing Industrial Co., Ltd. warmly invites all customers, partners, and industry professionals to visit our booth, experience our latest products and technologies firsthand, discuss cooperation, and jointly promote the development of the industry. Through such an announcement, the company can effectively preview its exhibition information, attract more potential customers and partners to visit the booth, and enhance its visibility and influence in the industry.

Post time: May-25-2024