Safety belt made by 100% polyester body harness for fall arrest equipment

Short Description:

CE certificate is available
● Box dimension: 39.5*32*25cm
● 100% Polyester with Metal
● Weight: 1.4KG
● Size: free size / XL available
● Packing: bag or color box

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Details for YR-QS005

Color: yellow & blue

Webbing width: 45mm

1pc dorsal attachment stamping D-ring

2pcs chest attachment stamping D-ring

A wide waist support belt and 2pcs side stamping D-ring on waist belt

4 adjustable points for user’s convenience


Made in China


Working at height harness/climbing/caving/rescue/rappelling/ fall arrest/fall protection/roofing harness/construction harness/tree harness/tower climbing harness/scaffolding safety harness, Lineman/Electrician safety belt/platform scaffold/fall restraint/work positioning

How to Fitting and Sizing?


1.Hold harness by back D-Ring, make certain straps are not twisted.

2.Slip harness over arms and onto shoulders. Make certain all straps are not tangled

3.Fit your leg into the leg strap

4.Attach the chest strap buckle

5.Attach the Waist strap buckle

6.Adjust harness to a snug fit.

7.Adjust leg strap, shoulder strap, chest strap, waist strap to achieve comfortable tension.

8.When standing upright, the safety belt should be comfortable, without undue pressure on waist.

9.Only wear products of a suitable size; products which are either too loose or too tight will restrict movement and will not provide the optimum level of protection.


These devices are used for protection again falling.

These products are classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE regulation (EU)2016/425 and have been shown to comply with this regulation through the Harmonised European Standard BS EN 361:2002: Full Body Harness and BS EN 358:2018: Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards

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