2 D-rings waist protection safety belt for tree harnesses with waist pad for comfort

Short Description:

● Material: 100% polyester

● Color: red

● Webbing width: 50mm

● length: 1.3m

● 2pcs forging D-ring and soft pad

● Strength>25KN

Product Detail

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Item: YR-DY007

safety harness full body harness ansi standard

Material 100% polyester
Webbing width 45mm, 50mm is our usual size, the strength should greater than 23KN
Color orange
Sewing the color must be different from belt, and the material is 100% polyester yard
Accessory the metal parts should pass 48 hours' NSS test;
the breaking strength should greater than 23KN;
plastic parts are all new material
Packaging 1 piece into a color box,10 piece into a carton
OEM available:♦ Customizable: color, size, metal accessories, design and packaging
♦ Special design: shoulder, chest and waist support can be added

Work positioning Belt


1.Adjuster Buckle

2.Waist Belt

3.Comfort Pad

4.Adjuster Buckle

5.Work Position “D” ring attachment points

Secure belt around waist as tight as comfort will allow by threading and adjusting the adjuster buckle as shown below.

The waist belt is approved for a user, including tools and equipment, with a weight of up to 150kg.

Arrange the belt around the body in a manner both convenient and safe, prior to climbing the pole or structure and before connecting and using a work position lanyard.

Thread free end of webbing up between knurled bar and fixed piece of webbing on buckle. Then pass free end of webbing back down between knurled bar and end of buckle so the European caution motif/emblem is visible.

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